Commercial Partitions

As well as taking care of your ceilings, we are experts in walls. Whether you need studwork partitions, aluminium framing partitions, single or double skin demountable steel partitions or glass partitions, we can help. All styles are available in a variety of widths and trim options suitable for both office and industrial areas. They are all demountable and relocatable so do not restrict future growth or the changing needs of your business.

We can also dryline walls and ceilings, attached plasterboard and taping and jointing to ensure a smooth finish which is ready for any decoration you choose.

glass partition

Glass Partitions

Our glass partitions can be single or double glazed and use 10mm or 12mm toughened glass. Aluminium framing is available in a range of colours. Alternatively, you may opt for frameless options for an ultra-modern, sleek look. We can also supply doors – either glass or timber.

Manifestation film can be applied to all glass partitions so they comply with the appropriate building regs, or simply to tie them in with your company branding. We can also integrate blinds and cable management posts to keep your space neat and tidy.

Partitions with Modular Storage

A practical option for efficient office management, we also offer a range of partitions with built in modular storage. There is a wide choice of door and drawer configurations as well as open shelving, display features, and space for built in AV equipment. With a choice of veneer finishes, this can be a great way to make the most of a smaller office space.

glass partition

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